Martin's Apple Chips

Cripsy chips are billed as a healthier treat for kids and parents

Martin’s Family Fruit Farms has launched a fruit snack: Martin’s Apple Chips.

The chips are made from apples grown at the Martin family farm in Waterloo, Ont.

They contain no fat and are without added sugar or preservatives. Each serving contains 40 calories.

The apple chips are made from dehydrated apples and are described as crispy. They are primarily aimed at parents looking for healthy snacking options for their children. However, the company thinks its chips are sophisticated enough for entertaining. Pairing options are listed on its website.

“As apple producers we are excited to bring to the market a snacking product that has the great taste of Canadian apples in a convenient on-the-go package,” Peter Katona, marketing manager at Martin’s, said.

The chips come in 22g snack-pack sizes that retail for between $1.49 and $1.99, and 103g family-pack sizes with a retail price of between $4.99 and $6.50.

Martin’s has grown and sold apples from its farm since 1971. Today it operates 700 acres.

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