Millennials are happily wireless, says study

This tech savvy generation is connected to their peers via social media

The millennnial generation are the first generation to be happily wireless. That's the surprising finding shared by Nielsen in a webinar Tuesday, “Breaking the Myth of this No Strings Attached Generation.”

While the wires might not be there for this tech savvy, urban oriented group, this group is attached to each other.

Beth Brady, president, Nielsen segmentation and local market solutions and Michael Mancini, VP thought leadership, Nielsen segmentation & local market solutions explained that through tireless use of social media and their abilities to mutli-task and send out instant feedback, be it on what’s on the tube or what they have just bought, eaten or seen.

Millennials, defined as being between 18-36 years of age, are born between the mid-70s and mid-90s, growing up around Y2K and 2001.

The majority eat out often and are more curious and accepting of immigrant cultures and ethnic food choices than previous generations as a large portion of them are from immigrant families.

For millennials, social media is a two-edged sword, added Nielsen.

Most millennials are inveterate users of Facebook, Twitter and texting, all likened to the new Consumer Reports.

A favoured brand and a positive shopping experience can go viral quickly, but a negative experience can just as easily be publicized.

And said Brady, counteracting that can be expensive.

When it comes to the food they buy, many millennials value local produce, organic foods and fair trade. And though they are budget conscious but will pay for what they believe in.

Grocers can tap into this large segment of downtown dwellers by cultivating dialogue with millennials through offering sales, sponsoring causes or musical acts and shows popular with the group and

offering free WiFi as an enticement.

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