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Mixing it up with vegetables and fruits


A few years ago, CPMA decided that it was time to retire our 5 to 10 a Day campaign and focus on action.

When we started talking to people around the country, we found that they didn't need us to tell them that fruits and veggies are good for them, what they really needed were easy ways to incorporate them into their meals and snacks.

Along came Fruits and Veggies - Mix it up!, a campaign aimed at helping Canadians of all ages eat more fruits and veggies, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The campaign focuses on simple and practical ways to add a variety of fruits and veggies to every meal and snack – whether at home, at work, at school or on the go.

The message is delivered to Canadians through a variety of channels: online, Education Materials – including the Freggie Children's Program–television, radio and POS materials for retail.

Consumers are more educated than ever before and are looking for information on how they can improve their diets and health.

An obvious starting point for many consumers is their local grocery store.

A well-stocked, inviting produce department featuring a variety of choices encourages shoppers to include more fruis and veggies in their baskets.

Shoppers frequently comment that sampling produce before buying has a large influence on their purchase decisions and their willingness to try new products.

Knowledgeable produce department employees and value added products that provide consumers with healthy options and convenience will provide growth opportunities for the produce industry.

The healthy eating trend is also being seen across the foodservice industry as chefs include more produce on their menus.

More than ever before shoppers will be looking for these new varieties to be offered by their local grocer as well as at their favourite restaurants.

With so many fresh produce choices available to Canadians it is easier than ever to make healthy food choices if they Mix it up!

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