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Montreal has a new online organic grocery market

Fergus offers fruits, vegetables, meat and household goods for delivery or pickup
The new online service was named for Fergus the tractor.

Fergus is a friendly online grocery store offering easy and convenient delivery without a subscription plan. (CNW Group/Fergus)

Fergus is a friendly online grocery store offering easy and convenient delivery without a subscription plan. (CNW Group/Fergus)

Montreal is getting a new online organic grocery option with the launch of Fergus.

The new service is actually the rebranding and reorganization of two previous farm-based grocery offerings Jardins de la Montagne and Jardin des Anges (Fergus is named for a tractor at Jardins de la Montagne.)

“Our new brand image, positioning, and values have given our brand a fresh and more contemporary identity,” said Alexandre Beaulieu, the owner and general manager of Fergus.

“We made this change in order to better stand out in the marketplace and to embrace a shift towards a modern and innovative business model. We also felt that this required a more current and bolder logo, one that would intrigue our customers.”

Fergus is both an online grocery store and an organic farm in Laval that grows certified organic fruits and vegetables grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. Fergus offers a selection of organic meats and household goods through various local organic businesses to ensure delivery of fresh product year-round.

The service is delivery based, with no subscription fees required. Shoppers can place their own order online or choose from two different basket options that include a variety of fruits and vegetables delivered each week. Delivery on the basket orders is free. Delivery costs for building your own basket are $6 door to door and $2 for click and collect.

Though the organic market has grown more crowded in recent years, Beaulieu believes Fergus will stand out.

“With Fergus’s subscription-free model, online organic-only marketplace and reliable, efficient and hassle-free delivery, you get a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables year-round,” he said. “Our products are fresh and hand-picked by us. You can be sure that you’ll receive organic, fresh, hand-picked and varied produce year-round at an extremely competitive price.”

Eating organic is not just about the personal benefits of healthier food, it is a decision that benefits the planet and future generations, he said.

“We believe that organic farming and organic products go beyond food. It’s about respecting the land that the food comes from. It’s about how the food we eat impacts our health. It’s about building strong communities. It’s also about the belief that food should be enjoyable.”

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