New Compact Minis now launching nationally

Convenience-inspired paper towel rolls perfect for handling smaller messes.

SpongeTowels is one of Canada’s leading paper towel brands. We are excited to be introducing a new member to the SpongeTowels family—SpongeTowels Minis, the first product of its kind in the Canadian market.

These compact rolls are three quarters the height of our regular SpongeTowels rolls but have 50% more sheets when compared with SpongeTowels Ultra Strong rolls. Minis have the same versatility, strength and absorbency as our most absorbent Ultra Strong paper towel, but are mini-er.

This compact format makes Minis portable and convenient to use where storage space may be limited or where messes occur on-the-go.

SpongeTowels Minis are a shorter towel ideal for smaller jobs, light users and those concerned with wastage. They are perfect for handling smaller messes and fit perfectly in smaller living spaces, especially condos. SpongeTowels Minis can easily replace napkins.

Since consumers are turning an increasingly critical eye on excess and waste, we looked for a way to help them embrace a “less is more” mentality and streamline all aspects of their lives.

Minis are perfect for wiping dirty faces after a day of play, dusting surfaces, cleaning your car’s dashboard, soaking up spills on your car seats, wiping up after your dog gets excited or has a little “oops” on your carpet, wiping up small spills in the kitchen, great for camping and other outdoor activities.

Most of all, SpongeTowels Minis are really handy for apartments, bathrooms, boats, cars, and other locations where counter or storage space is limited.

This exciting innovation presents Canadian retailers with new opportunities to grow SpongeTowels sales and cross merchandise Minis in other sections of the store such as fresh, where customers are buying produce on a regular basis. SpongeTowels Minis will be supported with a fully integrated marketing campaign to drive trial and motivate repurchase.

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