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New Couche-Tard brand identity a wink to its heritage

Convenience store chain adopts a new look it says unites its Circle K and Couch-Tard brands
Photo: David Boyer

In an ongoing effort to create a united global brand, Couche-Tard is moving ahead with a new visual identity that unites the Circle K and Couch-Tard brands.

"Part of becoming a true global flagship has been made possible by our growing brand identity, especially through our Circle K rebranding initiative. The next phase in this journey is to unify our Circle K and Couch-Tard brands in how they show up to our customers, team members, and partners," the company outlines in a release. 

In spring 2021, the company's Quebec West and Quebec East & Atlantic Business Units announced plans for a visual refresh that would accomplish three goals.

  • Allow new and existing Couche-Tard stores to update their look.
  • Align brand presence globally.
  • Honour the Couche-Tard heritage.

The new look combines the colour palette and circle logo that defines Circle K, while holding space for the iconic winking owl: couche tard loosely translates into night owl or someone who goes to bed late, signifying the company's late-night convenience hours. 

"The owl is emblematic of Couche-Tard’s heritage and modernizing our colours is a testament to how much we’ve grown globally through the Circle K brand," said Stephane Trudel, SVP of operations, Canada. "Our wish is that our team members and customers feel a sense of pride in knowing that both journeys are connected and that this is how we continue to spread our wings."

Two stores featuring the new branding have already opened in the Montreal-area and more are slated for the Quebec West division over the coming year. 

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