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New product award winners at GIC


A drinkable dark chocolate and a pourable pancake mix were two of the items named as the most innovative products at Grocery Innovations Canada on Tuesday.

The Top 10 Innovative Products were chosen by grocers and delegates to the show and were evaluated on three criteria: uniqueness, buzz-worthiness and consumer response.

The grocery industry is often at the forefront of innovation and this year was no different,” said John Scott, president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers, which runs the show. “Our members and delegates had a tough decision before them and have chosen some truly outstanding products.”

The top 10 products are as follows:

Natrel Dark Chocolate Milk; from Agropur Co-operative

Toschi Gelato; Alfa Cappuccino Imports

Bisquick Shake ’n Pour pancake mix; General Mills Canada

IslandWay Sorbet; Islandway Sorbet Canada

AquaHydrate Purified Water; Les Aliments Unique Foods

Nestle Personal-Sized Ice Cream; Nestle

Ntake EcoDurable Bags; ntake EcoDurable Products

Gatorade Recover; Pepsico Canada

Country Comfort Grilled Cheese Sandwich; Dunbar Food Group

Visionlink Security Monitoring Systems; Visionlink Security

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