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Newfoundland farmers take to Twitter to promote industry

New farm takes control of account each week to showcase day-to-day operations

Newfoundland farmers are turning to social media to promote their industry and educate people about where their food comes from. Nathan Dennis, a farmer in Piccadilly, says he wants to show people in the province exactly how their food is made. His pitch is just part of a summer campaign that will highlight a different farm every week and let people see what it takes to grow vegetables, raise animals or produce dairy. Dennis says he hopes the Twitter handle @NLYFF will help promote farming, with the goal of having the island one day be entirely self-sufficient. He says the province exports both eggs and dairy and produces most of its own chicken, but relies on the mainland for many of its other staples. The Twitter feed is sponsored and organized by the Newfoundland and Labrador Young Farmers Forum.

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