Olymel inspired by taste of Italy

New European Amoré and Smart Nature sausages just in time for summer

Olymel has a savoury new offering, just in time for BBQ seasion.

The manufacturer has added three new flavours to its Amoré line, inspired by regions of Italy.

The Amoré selection comes in five different flavours, ranging from mild to spicy, and inspired by Italian regions: the Florentina, the mild Italian, the Siciliana, the spicy Italian classic and the Calabrese.

Olymel's Smart Nature, on the other hand, are meant for Italian sausage lovers who are a bit health-conscious. They come mild or spicy, and contain 25% less fat and sodium than regular Italian sausages.

The Olymel Amoré sausages are sold in packs of six (450g) while the Olymel Smart Nature variety pack comes in packs of five (375g). The regular suggested price of both is $5.99. They are only available in Quebec.

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