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One Earth Farms acquires two beef brands

Ontario company buys Diamond Willow Organics and Chinook Organics

Toronto-based One Earth Farms is looking to broaden its reach with the acquisition of western beef brand Chinook Organics and its private label, Diamond Willow Organics.

Once a corporate grain farm, One Earth Farms left behind crops after its acquisition of beef producer Beretta Farms in 2013.

Since then, One Earth Farms has purchased Canadian Premium Meats, Heritage Angus Beef and Sweetpea Baby Food. One Earth Farms also owns a Toronto-based catering company called Beretta Kitchen.

“We see ourselves as a leader in health and wellness because of our focus on organic and natural items,” Cynthia Beretta, told Canadian Grocer. Her husband, Mike Beretta, is the CEO of One Earth Farms while Cynthia does marketing for the company. “Through our acquisitions and growth we’ve been able to gain some really high levels of expertise across a lot of spectrums. We have excellent ranchers, butchers, caterers and chefs who help us develop new products.”

Beretta said One Earth's recent acquisitions are part of the company’s growth strategy.

Prior to the purchase of Chinook, One Earth's distribution was mainly in Ontario and Quebec, with no brands sold in western Canada.

Chinook will help extend the company’s reach, with products sold primarily in B.C., Alberta and Quebec. The Diamond Willow Organics brand is sold only in Thrifty Foods, and Chinook Organics is found at Loblaw’s Real Canadian Superstores and Overwaitea Foods, among others.

“Their ranchers are certified organic, they’re customers of Canadian Premium Meats, and through the acquisition we gained more expertise from the founder, Kevin Wilkie,” Beretta said.

Beretta said One Earth Farms' primary focus in the coming months will be on research, and through future growth and acquisitions. It also wants to help educate consumers. “We really want to make sure consumers have the tools to make healthy decisions and choose premium brands as healthy alternatives.”

Part of One Earth Farms’ future marketing plans also include the rebranding of Sweetpea Baby Food. Beretta Farms supplied ingredients to Sweetpea before being acquired by One Earth, so Beretta says it makes sense that they become part of the same company. “For clients looking to make a lifestyle change, it’s an easy way for them to find one of our brands to fit everyone in the family,” she said.

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