One Step Onion Plus

New spice blend helps home cooks avoid tears in the kitchen

Chopping onions can bring people to tears–literally. That’s where a new product from McCormick comes in.

Club House One Step Onion Plus seasoning bend is meant to replace chopped onions in recipes.

The product is billed as a one-step seasoning with caramelized and toasted onions as well as leek and chive flavours, says McCormick Canada product manager Stacey McKellar.

“Enhanced with garlic, herbs and a hint of balsamic vinegar, it puts a new twist on a kitchen staple,” she adds.

One Step Onion Plus is sold in 147g bottles with a suggested retail price of around $4.99.

Each bottle’s label can be peeled back to see recipes that use One Step Onion Plus, such as onion and pea bruschetta and homemade meatballs.

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