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Online Italian fine foods grocery store Truffle Kings launches

Store offers a collection of olive oils, vinegars, truffle-infused foods and fresh truffles
truffle kings
Photography courtesy Truffle Kings/Geofoods

A new online grocery store that promises to bring the “best of Italy” to Canada launched today (June 13).

Truffle Kings, founded by Marco Tallarico, offers a collection of olive oils, vinegars, truffle-infused foods and fresh truffles. 

Inspired by his summers spent in Sicily and Calabria, Tallarico wanted to bring Italian culture and quality home to Canada by partnering with true family-run southern Italian brands.

"Truffle Kings aims to educate consumers on the true essence of Italian fine foods," Tallarico said in a statement. "The brand is a tribute to the long-established family companies that have played a significant role in shaping Italian culture for centuries."

Consumers and businesses can purchase products from five regions in Italy. 

Fresh truffle subscriptions and truffle-infused products like Pearls, Dust, Vinegars and Crips are made by Geofoods from the Umbria region. Vinegars are from Malpighi, based in Modena. 

Olive oils from Marina Palusci and Fratelli Pugliese come from Abruzzo and Calabria, respectively, while coffee subscriptions are in partnership with Lavazza, a company founded in Turin. 

More brands and products will be added to the website in the coming months. 

A live show spotlighting Truffle Kings’ line-up of products, coupled with an educational component about Italian food, is in the works for the latter half of 2023.

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