Oreo filling gets a savoury twist

Cookie brand gives its traditionally creamy, sweet filling a punch with “big, bold” flavours

Mondelez is giving a new twist to an old

The food and beverage company took to Twitter last week to announce two new Oreo cookie flavours its introducing in China: hot chicken wing, and wasabi.

Dubbed an "innovation sensation," the flavours are a departure from the traditional sweet cream filling (or crème, as Mondelez calls it) consumers have come to expect from an Oreo cookie. Last year, for instance, the brand introduced Firework Oreo, a limited edition flavour with popping candy in the filling.

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At the same time Mondelez launched a contest that invited Oreo fans in the U.S. to suggest the next limited edition Oreo creation and share the ideas on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #MyOreoCreation. The company even went as far as to create some of the flavour suggestions--cherry cola, kettle corn, glazed donut, unicorn—and sent them to the person who came up with the idea. Even if some of the flavours miss the mark, Oreo continues to hit the PR bullseye.

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