Poll Results: What stage is your company at using big data?


Grocery companies are turning to big data to parse the ocean of info they collect in order to turn data into something that can boost sales and help understand shoppers better.

How far along are companies with big data? That’s a question Canadian Grocer asked in our most recent online poll.

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Turns out that many of you think you’re doing pretty well. Nearly a third (31%) said you’re ahead of the pack and agreed with the statement “We’re mining reams of customer info to plan assortment, price and promos. And it’s working!”

Another 25% of you said you’re getting close to mastering big data. “We’ve got the data; now we need to figure out how to use it better.”

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Twenty-three per cent of those polled said their company was just starting out data mining and such.

Some of our readers, however, remain skeptical of the power of big data.

One in five (21%) of those who answered our poll question said they don’t believe in big data, and agreed with the statement: “You can learn a lot more about customers by talking to them in the store.”

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how “big” big data gets.

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