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Potato Jazz

Fresh potatoes in a steam tray; ready after five minutes in the microwave

Consumers are time starved but they’re often not willing to sacrifice quality and health when they cook. That was the insight behind the launch of Potato Jazz, a new line of fresh microwavable potatoes.

Created by the Little Potato Company of Edmonton, the product consists of fresh potatoes that have been washed and packed in an integrated steam tray.

The potatoes are “not frozen” company officials say. All consumers need to do is pop the tray into a microwave for five minutes to prepare.

More product info:

• Potato Jazz is available in three flavours: Garlic and Parsley, Zesty Italian and Savoury Herb.

• Each package has four servings.

• The skin of the potato has been retained in order to pack a bigger nutritional punch. Each serving 65-80 calories and contains up to 20% of your daily iron needs, plus fiber, Vitamin C and more potassium than a banana.

• The flavour packs contain only natural and recognizable seasonings–no additives or artificial flavourings–and are low-salt or salt-free. Potato Jazz is also preservative-free.

• Suggested retail price is $3.99

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