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Prana talks chocolate bark

The snack for healthy indulgers launches in January 2017

Chocolate may still have more sugar than a piece of fruit, but it’s upping its status to healthier.

Prana is catering to customers classified as “healthy indulgers” with its new organic, non-GMO and fairtrade chocolate bark.

Furthermore, the No Mylk’n option is an innovative vegan milk chocolate that tastes just like real chocolate that caters to Prana’s vegan following.

What else is cool? Because it's broken into pieces and comes in a resealable bag, customers don’t feel the need to eat it all in one sitting.

“We analyzed data on snacking categories in various markets, but most importantly we got out of the office and reached out to meet our consumers,” says company founder Marie-Josée Richer. “We spoke with the retailers, and we led focus groups in a few Canadian cities but also in LA, Austin and Boston.”

She adds they studied trends and competition, but they also trusted their intuition. “We wanted to offer something that was lacking in our portfolio, and that fit our consumer needs and lifestyle,” says Richer.

The (CAGR) of both dark chocolate and organic chocolate is on the rise, says Richer, and 21% of snacks that are consumed in the U.S. are within the confectionery category.

“We also know that good taste prevails over any other attribute when it comes to snacking,” adds Richer. “Highlighting the importance of offering a snack that is not only healthy but also indulgent.”

Prana is a Quebec-based company founded in 2005 by husband and wife team Marie-Josée Richer and Alon Farber. It offers certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, preservative-free and non-GMO snacks.

Prana plans to market the product both digitally and in-store. The company doesn’t do traditional advertising, says Richer, because it doesn’t resonate with the company’s consumers. She adds they will focus mainly on POS and digital initiatives.

The bark was presented at CHFA last September, but retailers will have to wait until January 2017 to sell it.

It will be available in major chains including Metro and Sobeys as well as in pharmacies, natural food stores and online.

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