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Produce presentation drives sales


Who doesn’t love brussels sprouts?

Right now I have been getting my fill of them. One of the best ways that I’ve seen to increase brussels sprouts consumption is how you offer them up to the consumer.

We’ve all seen the usual way of selling brussels sprouts in little containers or bulk on the shelf. One way to bring the farmer’s field into your store is offer the brussels sprouts as they naturally grow.

Children are fascinated by what it looks like in their natural state. They are a little unsure of what it is and often the curiosity will get the best of them and they will actually it them.

Even adults have been pretty amazed to discover how they grow.

And even if have a shopper that doesn’t eat Brussels sprouts, suggest they use this amazing looking plant as a centrepiece at one of their dinners. It’s a great talking piece.

Fact is you might actually increase your produce sales of brussels sprouts, if you offered it in a couple of different au naturale format – offer it bulk or offer it on the stalk.

The other simple way to up-sell brussels sprouts is to give consumers a simple recipe idea.

I borrowed this one from Le Tigre food truck that was at the Winter Farmer's Market at Nat Bailey in Vancouver.

On the white board the hot brussels sprouts and cauliflower salad caught my eye.

I ordered the dish and was excited to see braised brussels sprouts and cauliflower.

The combination of the capers, lemon chilies and Parmesan cheese just made this dish mouth-watering and delicious.

Such a simple recipe idea and it would take all of 10 minutes to prepare – plus now you have your shopper looking at the cauliflower, the chillies and the lemons. It only takes a few minutes to engage the consumer and encourage that pick up.

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