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Produce selection important to Canadians, says study

Some tips on how to get Canadians to eat more produce

Canadians love convenience.  This was clear in a recent CPMA market research survey asking shoppers about their preferences and shopping habits.

Overwhelmingly shoppers cited conveniently located grocery stores as the motivating factor when choosing where to shop.

While respondents agree that eating healthy is a priority they are looking for fast and easy to prepare options.

These findings suggest great opportunities for the produce industry.

Canadians are willing to try new commodities but they must understand how to choose, store and prepare the product.

Grocers who offer in-store dietitians, sampling or menu suggestions have an edge in the market.

We’re also eating a greater variety of produce than ever before.

Kale, bok choy and mango top the list of products Canadians now buy regularly.

The availability of these products has lent an ethnic flavour to household recipes that wasn’t prevalent even five years ago.

Retailers can take advantage of this trend by providing recipe suggestions in store that include a variety of produce.

What will it take to get Canadians eating more produce?

Consumers site product price and availability as the primary drivers. Perceptions persist that produce is more expensive than processed food.

Encouraging purchases of produce in season and in smaller quantities to avoid food waste can help dispel this myth.

Overall, the vast majority of those surveyed, over 95%, agree that they feel they’ve prepared a healthier meal when fresh produce is included.

Now that’s a sentiment the entire produce industry from farm gate to dinner plate can support!

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