Safeway seeks to convert mobile users to tablets


Safeway is looking to convert mobile users to iPad with its new iPad application, according to a report in Retail Info Systems.

The iPad app is organized to integrate personal deals with coupons, and separate things someone buys from things (Safeway) thinks they might buy.

The speed of use on the iPad is much faster than either the desktop or the phone application, said the report.

Safeway is also marketing specifically to iPhone users who likely also have iPads, in an attempt to convert users to the iPad because that site is much easier and quicker to navigate.

"I think that we can get some real maturity by converting desktop to mobile," said Steven Burd, chief executive officer of Safeway on a recent call with investors. "And we can get more maturity in terms of use by converting phone to tablet. And so I think you have to think about maturity on both registration as well as usage."

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