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Saputo repositions milk for a messy life

Nutrilait brand gets a facelift after listing in Loblaw, Provigo stores in Quebec

Saputo is giving one of its milk brands a more modern facelift.

To coincide with the introduction of Nutrilait on Loblaws and Provigo shelves in Quebec last month, Saputo has introduced a new look for the milk brand that eschews rural clichés in favour of urban hustle and bustle.

The new tag line, “Real Milk for Real Life” repositions Nutrilait as an integral part of the average shopper’s messy and busy life, said Pascal De Decker, general manager and executive creative director at Taxi Montreal, the ad agency that came up with the new strategy for Nutrilait.

With overall milk sales struggling, and Nutrilait’s sales notably poor, De Decker said that Saputo wanted to find a way to make the brand stand out on shelves and resonate with shoppers.

Pastoral images of farms and cows on packaging were replaced with a clean-cut, text-based design.

Focus groups showed Quebec consumers trust the Saputo brand, so the name was coloured an eye-catching bright red.

The new packaging also includes playful illustrations to denote whole, 2%, 1% and skim milk.

De Decker said Saputo wanted to reach the common family, rushing around to get the kids to school and get out the door to work. “In real life, your kitchen only looks perfect when the day’s done.”

"The hardest part was not to position it as everything perfect,” he added. “We didn’t concentrate on taste."

To help the product stand out on shelves, Nutrilait is also now available in cartons as well as plastic jugs, which feature a handle that makes it easier for children to hold and pour.

In addition to the new packaging, the first phase of the Nutrilait campaign includes in-store programs, featuring sell sheets, door clings and signage.

Taxi has also overhauled the company’s website and delivery truck design, and gave workers new uniforms. A TV campaign will be launched later this year.

Before getting listed at Loblaw stores, Nutrilait could only be bought at Costco and convenience stores.

Saputo’s other milk brands include Dairyland, Baxter, Lait’s Go and Neilson.

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