Say g'day mate, to Aussie-style yogurt

New line is the first grass-fed yogurt in Canada, says its maker

Greek yogurt is all the rage but one Toronto food maker is hoping consumers think of the Land Down Under next time they reach for yogurt.

Yamba is an Australian-style yogurt that’s higher in fat and protein than Greek yogurt, says its maker, Life Choices Natural Foods.

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“It’s just a creamy decadent yogurt,” said Matthew von Teichman, founder and CEO of Life Choices Natural Foods, the company behind Yamba.

Yamba is hitting store shelves now, available so far in natural food stores and Loblaw outlets.

Not only is Yamba the first Australian-style yogurt in Canada, von Teichman said, it is also the first yogurt in Canada to use grass-fed milk

Von Teichman said his company is working with Mennonite farmers in Stratford, Ont. to obtain milk.

Yamba is among the first products in Life Choice’s grass-fed business, known as Rolling Meadow.

The yogurt is sweetened with honey and available in three flavours: Plain, Blueberry and Strawberry. A honey-flavoured product is up next.

According to the company, Yamba is made with five active cultures, including two from Australia. It’s an all-natural source of probiotics and prebiotics, gluten-free and contains no additives or preservatives.

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Yamba's sold in a double-serving container and billed as a high-protein, on the-go snack.

Suggested retail price is $2.99 per 250 ml container

“This is a different product. There’s nothing really like it on the market,” von Teichman told Canadian Grocer.

No consumer advertising is planned at the moment, but as Yamba rolls out to more stores there may be in-store marketing, demos and billboard ads.

Life Choices’ other products include nitrate-free beef and chicken hot dogs and antibiotic and hormone-free burgers.

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