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SeaChoice calls for better labelling:

Organization says Canadian consumers are not getting enough info about the seafood they’re buying.


Compared to other countries, Canadian consumers are in the dark when it comes to the packaged seafood they’re buying at the supermarket. It all comes down to labelling, says SeaChoice.

The Vancouver-based organization, which works to support healthy oceans and sustainable fisheries, says Canada’s labelling laws fall short. According to SeaChoice a package labelled simply “rockfish” could be one of more than 100 possible species, some of which are endangered while others are sustainably caught.

In Europe and the United States labelling requirements are stricter and more detail is provided consumers so they can make more informed choices.

As part of its Food Labelling Modernization Initiative, SeaChoice is calling on the Canadian government to make more information mandatory on Canadian seafood packages such as the product’s geographic origin, scientific name of the species, production method (farmed or wild) and gear type (the gear used for wild caught seafood can have different impacts on the ocean floor).

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