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Shoppers' grocery pilot expanding to Regina

Chain first expanded food offerings last fall in pilot projects around Toronto

Starting this spring, consumers in Regina will find a wide selection of new products at their local Shoppers Drug Mart – fruit, vegetables, meats and prepared meals.

While it might seem unusual to sell fresh food and groceries in a drugstore, Shoppers Drug Mart’s pilot project to expand its food offerings started last fall as a pilot project in Toronto.

“Produce has been selling extremely well, which has been a pleasant surprise,” Mike Motz, president of Shoppers Drug Mart, told Financial Post earlier this month.

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“We keep it very fresh, very well-rotated. We see we are selling a lot of single units. People are doing what we would call a fill-in shop—they are not buying a big bag of apples for the week, they are buying a couple of apples.”

Eight Shoppers stores in Regina are currently undergoing renovation to stock their shelves with groceries with the launch expected in May. This will be the second market in Canada to try out the new concept that is meant to give customers the ability to quickly pick up fresh and healthy food items.

We were there for the grand opening of a Toronto-based fresh food pilot store in November.

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