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Shoppers react to early Christmas displays at grocery

Customers took to social media to share photos and opinions on holiday merchandise

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Tesco and Sainsbury's.

It's only the middle of September and already the British supermarket chains have put their festive fare on display. The shelves are stocked with traditional holiday merchandise including wrapping paper, Christmas cards, mince pies and more. But, it seems some shoppers aren't in the Christmas spirit just yet.

A number of consumers have shared snaps of the displays on social media with complaints that it's far too early to even consider Christmas shopping. While others pointed out that consumers on a budget may need to spread their shopping over several weeks rather than jam it all in just before the holiday.

Though opinions may clash, it's for certain that Britain is a particularly competitive market during the holiday season with retailers and grocers splashing out big bucks on advertising campaigns each year. Let the frenzy begin!


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