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Skippy peanut butter brand returning to Canada

Canadians will see five new peanut butter snack products on shelves this summer
skippy canada 2024
More new Skippy snack products are also expected to be launched in Canada in the future.

For Canadians who continue to miss not finding Skippy peanut butter and snacks on convenience store and grocery shelves, will be happy to learn that the iconic brand is returning to Canada.

After a seven-year hiatus, Hormel Foods Corporation — which acquired the Skippy brand in 2013 — announced it is returning its most famous brand to Canada with an innovative marketing campaign, by providing Canadian retailers five new peanut butter snack offerings.

The new snack offerings are making an appearance at the SIAL Canada 2024 show at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal, along with a Skippy Crispy Thin Potato Cookies, which will be available in June at select Costco Canada retailers.

"It's an exciting day for peanut butter lovers throughout Canada," says Shawn Levy, country manager of Canada for Hormel Foods. "The return of the Skippy brand is a big win for Canadian consumers as we reacquaint the country with the familiar and comforting flavor of Skippy peanut butter."

More new Skippy snack products are also expected to be launched in Canada in the future.

"We are just getting started," said Bonita Wong, senior brand manager at Hormel Foods. "We expect these new Skippy snack products to make a splash in the Canadian market, and we have many more exciting ideas in store for the future that are sure to be a hit with consumers. Stay tuned for more!"

This article first appeared on sister publication Convenience Store News Canada

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