Sobeys campaign spotlights summer's special moments

Advertising showcases Sobeys and Safeway banners as the home of summer meal solutions

With temperatures on the rise across the country, Sobeys Inc. has launched a marketing campaign that shows how Sobeys and Safeway can make the special moments of summer even more special.

The campaign started in early May, but awareness will likley rise with the release last week of a new television commercial titled “Hit send on summer.” The ad shows a mother stuck at work while her daughter and husband put together an elaborate backyard barbecue—with a bag of groceries from Sobeys.

Functionally, the ad showcases the fresh, high quality food at Sobeys and Safeway, but also makes an emotional connection by showing how summer can become even more special with Sobeys. And that was the intent of the campaign, said Trinh Tham, vice-president, integrated marketing, Sobeys Inc.

Summers in Canada can be unpredictable and brief, and Canadians want to get the most out of it and savour every special moment, like backyard barbecues with your young children. “Some of the best moments in the summer are actually outside and Sobeys is outside with you,” she said.

“Sometimes you can plan a moment like that and sometimes they just happen and Sobeys offers solutions for both occassions, that was the insight we were trying to weave into it.”

The campaign goes way beyond TV, too. Sobeys is using digital videos, radio and point-of-sale elements to deliver its message. Five short videos promote Canadian Chuck Burgers, Spirited Mickie BBQ Sauce, Sterling Silver Striploin Steak, store-made Kabobs and freshly-topped Flatbreads are being pushed through paid digital media. A 32-page summer magazine is available online and in stores, showcasing products and offering tips and recipes.

And just before the May long weekend, Sobeys was featured on The Marilyn Denis Show, with celebrity chef Rodney Bowers preparing recipes using Sobeys products. Audience members were also given a gift bag with products related to “Get More Summer.”

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