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Some like it cold, says Heinz Ketchup

The brand has introduced Cold Ketchup, featuring labels that turn blue when it reaches peak coldness
Cold Heinz Ketchup Bottle

Heinz Ketchup is inviting Canadians to pour themselves a cold one this summer. Slowly, of course. While the Kraft Heinz Canada brand has long touted “slow” as one of its core attributes, it is adding a new characteristic to its marketing playbook this year: cold.

In research conducted by the company, half of Canadians said the only way to eat ketchup is cold from the fridge. But, in yet another example of the red/blue divide in our country, 20% of the survey respondents said it should be consumed at room temperature.

Taking its cue from the beer category, the company has unveiled Cold Ketchup, limited-edition bottles featuring a label that turns blue whenever the ketchup inside achieves peak coldness. The bottles are reminiscent of the famous Coors Light cans, where the iconic mountains on the label turn blue when the beer reaches the optimal temperature.

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“Just like some of the world’s most iconic beer, Heinz is the most iconic ketchup bottle out there,” says Jacqueline Chao, senior brand manager, brand communications at Heinz. “We are also champions of summer as staple bottles on the table of a summer barbecue. Inspired by popular beer ads, the nod to ‘cold’ and the refreshing appetite appeal purposefully takes tropes from iconic beer ads to put a smile on our fans’ faces in a way only Heinz could own.”

Heinz Ketchup has partnered with Wendy’s to serve the Cold Ketchup at locations across the country, but is also making the bottles available in select grocery stores. The bottles will be housed in specially marked refrigerated cases. The company is also running a giveaway on social media.

And as a ketchup expert, what’s Chao’s preferred way of eating the condiment? “Like many Canadians, I’m a fan of cold ketchup,” she says. “Nothing tastes better than hot, fresh French fries with cold ketchup.”

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