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Study: Deal-hungry shoppers use mix of print and digital flyers

New research helps uncover the consumer's path to savings

From home meal replacement options to grocery delivery services and increased competition from digital players such as Amazon, consumers are changing the way they shop. But, one thing remains, they still love a good deal.

Lisa Orpen presents consumer research conducted by Metroland and Brandspark.

Lisa Orpen presents consumer research conducted by Metroland and Brandspark.

A mainstay means of communicating weekly promotions and deals, shoppers are using print flyers in conjunction with digital flyers like never before, according to Lisa Orpen, vice-president, national and multi-market sales, Metroland Media Group. In fact, seven in 10 grocery shoppers are using a combination of print and digital flyers before hitting stores.

What does this mean for the coupon and flyer business? Metroland Media Group partnered with Brandspark International on a research study to better understand the Canadian customer's path to purchase and what it means for grocers.

Orpen shared key insights during a keynote presentation during the 6th annual Star Women in Grocery breakfast and conference hosted by Canadian Grocer in Toronto last month.

Shoppers love getting a good deal and turn to multiple sources for deals and inspiration before they shop. "In grocery we continue to see an extremely high use of flyers and coupons. Either print or digital formats are used by over 97% of Canadian shoppers," said Orpen.

The bulk of consumers (34%) are using multiple formats concurrently—print, web and app-based flyers before hitting stores—and are what the study classified as omnichannel shoppers. The omnichannel shopper is most likely to live in urban areas, have children and earn higher incomes and purchase groceries more frequently than the average shopper, said Orpen.

"If you're trying to attract customers in store who have the largest basket size it's insufficient to only reach them through print and digital alone," said Orpen. "You need to consider employing your flyers and coupons in every format available to ensure you're persuading those shoppers along every step in their path to purchase."

The study also found that millennials are savvier shoppers and less digitally-focused than believed. Fifty-one per cent of millennial shoppers prefer using print flyers over other formats, compared to 24% who prefer flyer apps.

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