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As summer (and competition) heat up, Walmart Canada promotes premium beef


Walmart Canada has launched a summer campaign to promote a new line of pre-packaged Angus beef steaks for its supercentres across the country.

"Our customers have been demanding a premium beef product for a while now," said Jose Duarte, director of merchandising for meat and deli at Walmart Canada.

"The brand is exclusive to Walmart Canada, and products are vacuum packed, adding another level of convenience for customers," Duarte added.

The move comes on the heels of the retailer's announcement to expand by 4.6 million square feet in Canada. By the end of 2012, the number of Walmart stores is slated grow to 380 from 333.

"As we continue to expand, we'll be adding more supercentres across the country," said Duarte. "We want to continue to offer customers more fresh food and deliver on the promise to sell them quality products at affordable prices."

Other chains are also ramping up the competition.

As part of its corporate commitment to source food from Canada, Loblaw will be offering Ontario Corn Fed Beef in at least 200 stores in the province.

According to a national survey conducted last year by the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency Ltd., price is the number one consideration for the consumers when shopping for meat, followed closely by origin.

The same survey found that where consumers shop for meat, they are likely to spend the bulk of their grocery dollars. Costco was rated by the majority of survey respondents as the number one place to buy beef.

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