Think savoury, not sweet

Snack bars contain full serving of vegetables

While many shoppers admit to having a sweet tooth, Wellness Foods is catering to consumers' savoury side.

The snack-maker released a savoury granola bar earlier this month that boasts a full portion of vegetables in each bar.

The SimplyVeggie Savoury Bar was developed after Wellness Foods' found through an internally-conducted survey that 70% of respondents said they feel fuller when they eat a savoury snack rather than a sweet snack, and 63% admitted to finding sweet snacks addictive.

"Human nature really is intriguing," says Cathy Richards, CEO of Wellness Foods. "We all know what we need to eat, however when people taste sweet, all their best intentions can evaporate."

Jesse Cranin, marketing co-ordinator with Wellness Foods, says the bar satisfies hunger for three hours.  It comes in flavours like sesame chives, smoky bbq peppers, chilli and herb.

"Our typical consuemrs are health-conscious women but we think it appeals to men as well," says Cranin.

Wellness Foods will be marketing the bar on social media as well as consumer shows and events. Cranin says they also heavily demo in-store. The suggested retail price is $2.49 per bar.

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