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Unusual flavours popping up in everyday products

The weirder the better in today's flavour landscape to keep consumers coming back for more

From breastmilk flavoured lollipops to soda pop that tastes like poutine, consumers seem to be craving unusual flavour in the unlikeliest products.

The trend is quite prevalent in Asia, where strange food flavours is a way to offer traditional tastes in an increasingly western dominated food market.

Remember when bacon chocolate and ginger ice cream were strange?

This year, in fact, food and culinary experts predicted consumers would be looking for "bolder, gutsier flavours" along with experimentation and unusual flavour combinations.

These types of products are a way for retailers to stand out from the crowded grocery space. Even in convenience stores, it's about creating the surprising flavour combinations. Quebec retailer Couche-Tard is offering a frozen slush drink called Pizzaghetti Sloche. In Quebec restaurants, pizza served with spaghetti called pizzaghetti is common.

Meanwhile, confectioner Lollyphile, the creator of adult-skewed lollipops that include absinthe, maple bacon and sriracha flavoured pops along with the breastmilk pop is a definite conversation starter.

And if these products are merchandised correctly, they're a way to engage customers looking for "what's new?" in the aisles.

Check out the video on the pizzaghetti sloche offered in Couche-Tard stores in Quebec:

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