Using videos to promote your business


Marketing budgets are shrinking and with social media, you need to do more than publish a weekly specials flyer to get customer loyalty.

Recording simple YouTube videos can be a powerful way to promote your business while building relationships with the community.

Here are 3 reasons why you want to create and post videos online.

1) If you don’t, you’ll fall behind your competition. Cisco Systems predicts in fewer than 3 years, 90% of the data online will be video.

2) Videos are excellent for search engine optimization. You are up to 50 times more likely to get a first page Google ranking with video because people spend more time on your website. YouTube is also owned by Google so they like to promote one another.

3) Video builds connection with your customers, and local community so don’t just push your product. Instead, share your expertise by giving away great advice that will help your customers. Get your seafood specialist to show us how to buy the freshest fish. Or get your nutritionist to show us how to decipher ingredient labels.

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