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Vending machine shows what people will do for free snacks


In Australia, a vending machine gets people to do embarrassing tasks instead of pay money.

A report on Yahoo said that Australian snack food company’s Fantastic Delites machine shows how far people will go for a free bag of chips.

The Delite-O-Matic vending machine set up at a shopping mall in Adelaide asks customers to push the button 100 times at first, then the number started going up with some people hitting the button 5,000 times.

Next, the machine asked people to bow down, or dance, and people did.

The prizes get better the more people did.

Pushing the button 500 times resulted in a pack of snacks; pushing it one million times results in two packs of snacks and a private island holiday in Fiji. No one has claimed that prize yet, according to the company’s prize page.

Advertising company, Clemenger BBDO Adelaide developed the campaign and said they were looking for a unique way to get people to taste the product.

Check out the video below.

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