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Vince’s phases out single-use plastic bags for reusable bags

Ontario grocer’s decision comes as the federal government’s ban on single-use plastics comes into effect
Vince's Market Sharon Ontario
Vince's Market in Sharon, Ont.

Vince’s Market is phasing out single-use plastic bags, including bio-based bags, for reusable shopping bags after the federal government’s ban came into effect last month.

Canada’s plastics ban started on Dec. 20, and prohibits the import and manufacture of single-use plastic checkout bags, cutlery and food service ware. 

Businesses have one year to phase out the stock they have on-hand.  

“We encourage all customers to bring reusable bags on their shopping trips. It is understood that for a reusable bag to become ‘net-zero’ in its carbon footprint, it must be used approximately 35 times. After that, the beneficial impacts are realized. So we encourage shoppers to reduce and reuse as much as possible,” Giancarlo Trimarchipresident, Vince’s Market, said in a press release.

The grocer is selling reusable bags in-store for $0.35/each. 

“We also offer an extensive line of reusable shopping bags with various attributes – from the sustainably grown, jute-based bags to the highly functional, collapsible cooler box tote. Our front end team will continue to bag groceries with any reusable bags/boxes customers may bring or purchase,” Trimarchi stated. 

Vince’s bio-based produce and meat bags will still be available in stores, as these are not part of the current government ban.

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