Walmart launches Grab & Go service

Lockers located in ten supercentres across Ontario

Lockers aren't just for students anymore.

Last Thursday Walmart Canada launched its Grab & Go service–a checkout option to ease the online pickup process for shoppers.

The service is currently in 10 Ontario locations plus at the company's head office in Mississauga, Ont..

Consumers simply place an order on, and choose the location that's easiest for them to  pick up at. When the order is ready, it's placed into one of 40 lockers at that location. Shoppers are emailed a six-digit code they can use to open the locker and grab their order.


Home Office – Mississauga, Ont.

Oakville Supercentre – Oakville, Ont.

Waterdown Supercentre – Waterdown, Ont.

Vaughan-Maple Supercentre – Vaughan/Maple, Ont.

Square One Supercentre – Mississauga, Ont.

Georgetown Supercentre – Georgetown, Ont.

Heartland Supercentre –  Mississauga, Ont.

Walmart Milton Supercentre – Milton, Ont.

Burlington North Supercentre – Burlington, Ont.

North York Supercentre – North York, Ont.

Scarborough West Supercentre – Scarborough, Ont.

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