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Walmart pushing fresh, affordable produce


It may be close to winter, but Walmart is launching a TV and in-store ad campaign to promote its knack for offering consumers fresh produce at cheap prices.

TV ads, which kicked off Nov. 15, will run for the next month. Walmart is also boosting in-store marketing through signage, while staff in the produce department are sporting green aprons, says director of corporate affairs Susan Schutta. Flyers will also focus more on produce.

Schutta said Walmart has increased the organic offering at its Supercentre stores and will highlight that fact more often in its marketing.

Among the reasons for focusing on fresh food now: Walmart’s consumer research found that one of the key reasons people shop at one store over another is a superior fresh food offering.

One of the goals of the campaign is to show that Walmart is able to move food quickly through its distribution network. In Ontario it ships produce to stores within a day of arrival at the warehouse.

"Walmart's famously efficient supply chain means that every day we can offer customers the freshest food at prices they can afford,” said Les Mann, senior vice-president of food and consumables, in a statement.

Walmart has a goal of sourcing 30% of its produce from local sources annually and 100% when the fruit or vegetable is in season by the end of 2013. Walmart’s definition of local is within provincial boundaries.

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