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Why the caveman diet is here to stay

A look at how your shelves can go paleo-friendly

Do you eat like a caveman?

If you don’t yet, there is a good chance you might start.

The Paleo Diet has been gaining steam for the last decade and has now hit a critical mass – with literally hundreds of book titles and thousands of blogs devoted to its existence.

The Paleo Diet is the unofficial eating plan for another big trend in the fitness world, Crossfit workouts, and is being used for weight loss, digestive troubles and even immune system issues.

While there isn’t a lot of research to back up its big claims, what little there is makes an intriguing case for trying it out.

The trouble with paleo eating (for your average supermarket, that is) is that the diet plan negates a great deal of what is on your shelves.

So how can you best serve your modern eaters alongside your paleo pals?

Check out these four hot categories to help your paleo customers find what they need:

1. An expanded meat and seafood selection

A Paleo eating plan is all about protein; so ensuring a good-looking meat and seafood case will be ground zero for Paleo success. Explore game and wild meats as these foods are prized on a Paleo plan. Consider working with Ocean Wise to help customers make healthy and sustainable seafood choices. Something to note: Paleo enthusiasts focus on pastured, grass-fed meat and wild seafood – they prefer to avoid grain-fed meats.

2. Alternative baking supplies

As the Paleo lifestyle goes more mainstream, paleo eaters are looking for ways to increase variety in their diets while staying paleo friendly. This means lots of almond and coconut products. Stay stocked up on almond meal/flour and coconut flour. Maple syrup and fresh dates are the sweeteners of choice. Preferred oils include extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil and avocado oil.

3. A stunning produce case

Want to win paleo hearts? Make your produce section look like veggie Valhalla.

A true paleo eating plan means eating a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Work with local producers to add variety with heirloom choices. Bulk up your organics section too – paleo eaters prefer natural produce.

4. Beautiful bulk bins

In a diet free of grains and beans, nuts and seeds are a critical stand-in for fibre and minerals.

Have a great selection of raw nuts and seeds: think almonds, cashews, macadamias, hemp seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and more. Get those bulk bins shining and looking good too.

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