Why grocers need to embrace social responsibility in their business

Small businesses embrace social responsibility and make a commitment to community

For small business owners in Canada, understanding the local community and building a connection beyond the transaction often helps set their business apart.

So it comes as no surprise that the quarterly American Express Canada Small Business Monitor found an overwhelming 92% of small business owners feel a sense of responsibility to give back to their community.

For the grocery industry in particular, integrating social responsibility into a business model can mean anything from using environmentally friendly business practices, to advocating for education and labour rights, to creating long term economic sustainability.

Here are a few reasons you might want to incorporate social responsibility into your business structure:

It is no longer suggested, it is expected

As Canadians, we have a reputation of putting others, along with the greater good before ourselves and this philosophy appears to apply to the businesses we frequent. Seventy-five per cent of small business owners say clients and customers expect social responsibility from their business. In fact, those that accept the duty to their communities believe it is a key factor in driving increased customer loyalty.

You’ll discover the right people for your team

When it comes to hiring new staff, 77% of small business owners say being socially responsible has attracted like-minded employees. These employees believe in the company’s mandate and preserve the business culture closest to their personal beliefs. A team of like-mined employees can work better towards achieving goals and execute socially conscious objectives with enthusiasm.

Society’s gain won’t be the company’s loss

The misconception of social responsibility being a financial burden is debunked in this survey with 63% of small business owners saying there is a financial reward for being socially responsible. One-fifth of small businesses report experiencing growth in their business over the last five years as a result of being socially responsible, and 65%  say it’s a result of their involvement with their local communities.

A majority of entrepreneurs believe being able to contribute to their community is one of the rewards of being a small business owner. By taking a community-centric approach, small businesses can benefit from win-win investments in social initiatives.

The American Express Canada Small Business Monitor shows that customers want to see businesses add to the health of their communities and small business owners are honored to contribute in any way they can.

This proves the belief that a company can make a living from what they earn, but they can make a legacy from what they give.

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