Balderson Cheese giveaway highlights value of aged cheese

A limited number of Canadians can sign up for the chance to receive a complimentary block of cheddar, to be delivered in a year
balderson cheese giveaway

Balderson Cheese is reminding Canadians that “great taste takes time” with a limited-time slow delivery service.

The Lactalis Canada brand is offering 100 people a complimentary block of cheese – to be delivered one year from the order date.

Leading up to delivery, Balderson will send the recipients updates so they can check in on their cheese. 

The giveaway opens today (March 7) and will be available until March 26. 

"Consumers have grown so accustomed to instant gratification and quick meal delivery at the touch of a button without stopping to appreciate the craftsmanship behind each bite," said Bindia Wijesekera, brand manager at Balderson Cheese, in a press release. "At Balderson Cheese, we know the value of slowing down and allowing the right amount of time to heighten the flavour experience. We want to remind Canadians that true, premium quality is worth waiting for. And great taste takes time."

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