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Becel campaign showcases emotions behind baking

New video series tells stories of real people showing thanks through baking

Becel has shifted its focus from heart health to heartstrings.

The Unilever-owned margarine brand launched a new film series, Baking With Heart, based on the insight that people don’t just bake for special occasions, they bake for special people.

The first film tells the touching story of a young widow and mother named Lucy, who shows her thanks to her bereavement counsellor by baking a “passion cake,” an old family recipe.

“Baking is really an expression of emotion: we bake to say thank you, we bake to say I love you, we bake to say I missed you,” said Valerie Rousseau, senior brand building manager – spreads, at Unilever Canada. “This is just one of those beautiful stories that happens to be true, and showcases the emotion that’s behind baking.”

The video series is part of a new global strategy for Becel, with Canada as the lead market.

“For the last 30 years or so, we really focused on functional heart health for Becel, so it’s always been around heart-healthy eating and heart-healthy lifestyles,” said Rousseau. “Now we’re doing a bit a shift towards the emotional heart… So, living life with heart, baking with heart and cooking with heart.”

Rousseau said two more videos are planned for this year and the campaign will continue into 2017.

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