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Campbell campaign asks soup consumers to come together

Aims to unite millennials over a bowl of soup

Campbell Canada is aiming to attract the next generation of soup consumers—millennials—with a message of unity. A new TV and online spot called “We All Soup” shows how different people around the world can be when it comes to what and how they eat. But the message is soup is common across all cultures, and essentially, “we’re all made of the same ingredients.” “It’s easy to focus on how different we can be… But at our core, we all have plenty in common,” said Melissa Mendoza, senior brand manager at Campbell Canada. “We’re here to champion common ground and not focus on the differences, but focus on what brings people together.” The objective behind the campaign is to attract millennials and reposition the brand so it’s more relevant to them, said Mendoza. “A lot of millennials have perceptions of how the brand is—that potentially we’re dusty and old-fashioned,” she said. “So we wanted to really move forward and say ‘this is our new point of view,’ which is reflecting something bigger on culture that transcends generations and even products.” The spot, which was created by Taxi 2, is for the Campbell’s masterbrand and doesn’t promote a specific product line. But more product-specific advertising, such as a TV campaign for Campbell’s new Soup Kits, will fall under the “We All Soup” umbrella. “We wanted to have a big idea that really acts as an umbrella for individual products within our portfolio and be unexpected,” said Mendoza. She believes the new campaign will resonate with the target audience because it captures the millennial spirit. “They love to express individuality, but there’s also this balancing act, which is balancing the need to belong and connect with other people,” she said. The spot is airing nationally throughout October and will air again in January, which is key soup season. The campaign also includes digital and social media. This article first appeared on

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