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Canadian government backs egg and poultry research


The announcement of a large government investment was applauded by Egg Farmers of Canada yesterday. The federal government said a contribution of up to $1.8 million will be administered by the Canadian Poultry Research Council (CPRC).

In addition to the CPRC funds, poultry and egg farmers will also be making investments, all of which will go towards moving forward research projects of more than 20 top-tier researchers working in 10 laboratories across Canada. Experts from academic, industry and government communities will join forces to conduct research into poultry health and welfare, food safety and quality, as well as production practices.

A CNW piece reports EFC chairman Laurent Souligny as saying "As members of CPRC, believes this government contribution will give the egg and poultry industries knowledge that will help us sustain our sectors and grow."

"These efforts will create a strong pool of young talent that will allow Canada to claim having the best and the brightest poultry scientists in the world," said Souligny. "We sincerely thank the government for its support of researchers and Canada's egg industry."

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