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Cheetos Canada taps Simu Liu for new campaign

Company sponsors the actor’s fingertips in celebration of orange “Cheetle” dust
simu liu x cheetos canada

Cheetos is partnering with Canadian actor Simu Liu on a new campaign titled “Sponsortips,” in celebration of the orange “Cheetle” dust that sticks to snackers’ fingers.

As part of the brand’s continued mission to make Cheetle part of Canadian vernacular, Cheetos has sponsored the Barbie actor’s fingertips. 

"I've always loved Cheetos because they're the one snack that you can get a little messy with," said Liu. "Every Cheetos fan knows that the best part of the snack is the orange dust – Cheetle – on your fingers. It is with great honour that I use my fingertips to put Cheetle in the spotlight all over Canada where it belongs."

In 2022, the brand placed a giant statue of Cheetle-covered fingers in the town of Cheadle, Alta. 

"Our fans know that Cheetle dust on your fingers is an unmistakable – and delicious – part of the Cheetos experience," said Jess Spaulding, CMO, PepsiCo Canada, in a statement. "We're so excited to celebrate what our true fans love so much – Cheetle – with homegrown Canadian superstar, Simu Liu."

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