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Dairy Farmers opens a ‘post-to-pay’ store

Customers pay for dairy-themed food and lifestyle products with posts on Instagram and TikTok

Will that be cash, credit or TikTok? Dairy Farmers of Ontario has opened Pick-Me-Ups by MilkUP, a “post-to-pay” store in Toronto where customers pay for their items with a social post on TikTok or Instagram.

DFO has partnered with food and lifestyle companies across Toronto to offer a series of milk-themed products including ice cream, iced coffees, cheesecake and mini-donuts, as well as T-shirts, totes and jewelry.

Located at 639 Queen St. W. in downtown Toronto, the pop-up shop is open from Thursday to Sunday each weekend through Oct. 2. More than 1,000 people passed through the store during its opening weekend.

Customers gain access to the store by showing that they are following DFO’s youth-oriented sub-brand, MilkUP Ontario, on TikTok or Instagram. Once inside, they are handed a free T-shirt and tote, and invited to browse the store, which houses a series of Instagram-friendly features including a second-floor cereal bar. They pay for their items with a social post tagging @MilkUPOntario and using the hashtag #PMUXMilkUP.

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Developed by Toronto agency Studio Sophomore, the campaign is intended to promote dairy’s local credentials and make it more appealing to gen Z customers who have grown up surrounded by non-dairy alternatives.

Kayla Crnic, marketing manager for Dairy Farmers of Ontario, says the campaign is designed to create a community of “dairy advocates,” whose messages about consuming dairy are amplified through their social networks.

“We’ve created a brand experience [that] consumers are genuinely excited to share with their social networks,” she says. “We recognize the influence of friends and family over consumer perceptions and purchasing decisions, which further reinforces the authenticity and credibility in the pop-up’s post-to-pay concept.”

Crnic says the goal is to cement milk as equal parts “fuel up” and “pick me up,” allowing consumers to feel good about their decision to consume dairy.

Launched in 2019, the MilkUP brand is a sub-brand within DFO’s marketing portfolio committed to helping dairy resonate with a wider youth audience, says Crnic. “Strategically aligning dairy with youth passions allows DFO to build a lifestyle brand to make milk a natural part of cultural conversation.”

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