Danette touts chocolate taste in new campaign

A hit in Quebec, one-year-old brand looking to convert Ontario consumers

It’s beginning to look a lot like chocolate in a new campaign for Danone Canada’s one-year-old Danette brand.

The pudding brand has launched a new marketing campaign targeting Ontario families that includes TV, print, coupons and in-store activation. The campaign highlights the fact that Danette boasts a superior chocolate flavour while being made with 75% milk.

“The creative strategy behind the campaign is simple: We pay homage to the many mouth-watering ways you can enjoy chocolate,” says Alexandra Latendresse, senior brand manager for Danette.

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“Because Danette is not your typical kids’ lunchbox pudding, we elected to highlight that it was a great and different way to enjoy the sweet indulgent taste of chocolate. positioning Danette , we broaden the appeal of our product.”

The campaign also highlights Danette’s performance in recent blind taste tests conducted in Ontario. Print ads appearing in the free daily Metro reference the current federal election, with a cover wrap stating “Latest Canadian polls show clear winner.”

When readers open the paper, they are presented with a full-page ad highlighting Danette’s performance in the taste tests, as well as a coupon offering $1 off the regular price of $2.99 for a package of four 100-gram containers.

A 30-second TV spot highlights the dessert’s rich chocolate flavour and the fact that Danette is made with 75% milk.

Future in-store activations will make shoppers aware of Danette as soon as they enter the store, says Latendresse. “Creative ways will be put in place to remind people of Danette at the very beginning of their shopping trip,” she says.

The 45-year-old Danette brand launched in Canada last year, making a significant impact in what had been a declining refrigerated desserts category. According to Nielsen, the category has grown 27% in value since the launch of Danette.

Danette controls approximately 15.4% of the refrigerated desserts market, with Quebeckers responding “particularly well” to the product according to Latendresse (its market share in the province is close to 30%).

Danone introduced a new Crème Brûlée flavour at the beginning of September, joining six existing flavours: Dark chocolate, choco-coconut, vanilla, coffee and caramel. Latendresse said that Danone also plans to launch another undisclosed flavour in January that is enjoying “huge success” in other markets.

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