Easter displays gain importance this year with shortened sales period


With Easter landing on the calendar earlier this year, retailers are ramping up the holiday sales period with top-notch displays(such as the Zehrs soda display shown) to make the most of the shortened lead time.

At Toronto's Summerhill Market, Brad McMullen says confectionery display such as this one shown below, at the entrance of his store on the right side wall, would normally boost sales between 20 and 50 per cent.

However, this year, as McMullen pointed out, after kids return to school from March break, there are only four days of school until Good Friday.

"Less time to prepare means less decor, family time and entertaining, which could mean Easter becoming less of a big deal," explained McMullen. "If there was more time between March Break and Easter, we could sell more products."

For grocers like Summerhill, the spring holiday typically means a brisk floral business as well, with varieties such as lilies and hydrangeas topping the sales.

However, with Easter falling at the end of March this year, the weather will be more unpredictable making it hard to plan if floral products can even be merchandised outside, said McMullen.

Retailers are ultimately having to adopt a wait-and-see attitude when it comes to Easters sales being a boom or bust this year.

Check out these Easter store displays from various Toronto retailers:


Walmart Supercentre:

Real Canadian Superstore (Don Mills and Eglinton):

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