Iögo unveils new brand image

New positioning aims to playfully convey Iögo as a modern brand focused on the needs of consumers

Iögo is injecting some fun into its brand with a new positioning and ad campaign.

Iögo was developed by Longueil, Que.-based Ultima Foods in 2012, and stood for “innovation, being bold and being disruptive,” says Simon Small, vice-president of marketing at Ultima Foods.  “It was time for us to elevate the brand based on how it fits into Canadian lives and how Canadians are responding to it.”

The new positioning builds on what the brand has always stood for, but also aims to playfully convey Iögo as a modern brand focused on the needs of consumers. “We started with a simple premise that happiness is part of life, and who you truly are is part of life,” says Small. “So, it’s making sure we fit into consumers lives and tailor our offering to celebrate their lives and their reality.”

A series of 15-second commercials show the brand’s signature umlauts coming to life in the form of a therapist and patient, a couple having breakfast, and a hairdresser and customer. The quirky spots feature the tagline “Get your daily dose of…” and each has a different ending, including “I love you,” “there’s none left,” and “no regrets.”

“We wanted have fun with the brand asset that people recognize,” says Small. “When we launched, the umlauts were disruptive and innovative, so what better spokesperson for our brand than to have that become our brand?”

Iögo also redesigned the packaging on all its product lines, which include Nano, drinkable yogurts for kids; Probio, yogurt that contains probiotics; 0%, a fat-free yogurt; and Iögo, its main line of yogurts. The new packaging more clearly denotes product segmentation, and was designed to be more clean, simple and modern.

“If you look at how the category has evolved in-store since Iögo launched, a lot of colour cues and visual cues have blended to what we already stood for,” says Small. “So it’s distance ourselves from the competition, but really help shopper navigation.”

The campaign also includes web, print advertising and in-store marketing, including shelf media, in-store couponing, and demos.

On the PR front, the brand held fashion shows at IGA Extra Langelier in St-Léonard, Que. (Nov. 24) and Longo’s Maple Leaf Square location in Toronto (Dec. 8).

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