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KD contest goes for the gold

Company supporting Kraft Dinner rebrand with KD Gold contest and prizes

Kraft Heinz believes its KD (formerly Kraft Dinner) is worth its weight in gold to many Canadians and now one mac and cheese fan will be winning a weighty piece of gold. A KD Gold Noodle – namely a 24 karat one-pound, palm-sized gold macaroni noodle, worth about $30,000 – is up for grabs in the KD Gold contest. “KD, in many ways, is a natural treasure and what better way to bring that notion to life (than) to offer Canadians a chance to literally win a treasure,” says Kathy Murphy, head of communications at Kraft Heinz in Toronto. “And that treasure is one of KD’s star players, the noodle itself.” Kraft rebranded the nearly 80-year-old macaroni and cheese noodle kit from Kraft Dinner to KD in July, adopting the nickname many Canadians already used for the product. “The equity that KD has with Canadians is amazing,” Murphy says. Kraft says a survey earlier this year found 80% of Canadians knew what KD is without prompting. The contest, created by Union, is an extension of the rebrand and is being promoted online and on KD packages, she says. “It’s really a once in a lifetime prize for those who love KD.” Participants must go to and “crack the KD vault” by entering the PIN code found on the back of the pouch inside specially marked four or 12 pack bundles of KD Gold branded macaroni and cheese. There are also 555 secondary prizes, worth between $350 and $30, consisting of KD branded gold collector coins, earrings and cuff links and sunglasses, flip flops and T-shirts. The grand prize draw takes place Oct. 12. This article was first published in

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