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KD marks World Art Day with noodle 'macsterpiece'

Brand commissions pop artist Jason Mecier to create a work of art using 30,000 macaroni noodles
KD World Art Day campaign
Photography courtesy KD

KD’s new marketing campaign looks to put the spotlight on one overlooked art form: macaroni art. 

The company has commissioned pop artist Jason Mecier to create a 30,000-noodle macaroni magnum opus, to be unveiled on World Art Day (April 15) via KD’s Instagram. 

Ahead of the grand reveal, a series of contextually relevant OOH Noodle Artwork wild postings will be displayed near prominent Toronto-based museums and galleries like the AGO and OCAD U.

Social posts of responses received from art galleries and museums will be shared to KD’s Instagram. 

Subsequent posts will include a “Making of the Macsterpiece” Q&A with the artist and a social giveaway, where Candians will have a chance to win a limited-edition noodle art sleeve. Each sleeve will serve as a blank canvas for fans to create their own work of macaroni art. 

“We continue to stay on the pulse of culture and provide our consumers with one-of-a-kind experiences,” said Jerome Skeene, KD brand manager, in a statement. “The development of our Macsterpiece reinforces that noodle art is a legitimate art form and ties nicely into the cultural moment of World Art Day, for our KD community to actively engage in.”

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