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Kraft Dinner gets a familiar, shorter name

Iconic mac-and-cheese becomes KD.

Kraft Canada said Thursday that its iconic Kraft Dinner is being rebranded to simply “KD.”

Some might call it a big step for the pantry staple. But if you ask Kristen Eyre, brand director of KD for Kraft Canada in Toronto, the company is simply catching up with what people have called the product for years.

According to research done by Kraft, 80% of Canadians refer to Kraft Dinner as KD. What’s more, they are well aware of what “KD” stands for.

The big “aha” moment, according to Eyre, came when Kraft realized Canadians use “KD” as a nickname for the product and a term of endearment.

“It reflects the closeness you feel to something,” she told Canadian Grocer. “And that’s how Canadians feel about KD.”

To help understand consumers' connection to the product, Eyre said Kraft spent a lot of time trying to understand the role the dish plays in their lives. In addition to focus groups, researchers for Kraft spent time in peoples’ homes to talk about all things KD.

While brand recognition for Kraft Dinner is still high, the company found that some people, especially millennials, feel they've outgrown KD; that it is something for kids to eat, not adults.

Kraft’s hopes that its recent pledge to remove all artificial ingredients from its famous mac-and-cheese by 2016 will also draw consumers to the brand.

New packaging with a big bold KD on the front of pack has already started to appear on store shelves. Eyre expects the rollout to finish by the end of the year. One thing that hasn't changed on the box is the iconic blue-and-yellow Kraft Dinner colours.

“We have a newish name, but it’s part of the cultural connection that Canadians have given us,” said Eyre.

To market the name change, Kraft Canada has set up a limited-time pop-up pantry in downtown Toronto where passersby can pick up samples and boxes.

Kraft is also working with Canadian rapper Kardinal Offishall to help promote the product. For one day, the musician will change his name to Kardinal D’Offishall to resemble the product’s initials.

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